Terms & Conditions

Hotel Talsi provides individual service to our guests and pays a special attention to your needs!


This comprehensive guest manual will give you the details of services we are offering. If there is anything we have not covered or you require any other information, please let us know – we will be happy to assist you!


Wishing you a very pleasant stay at our hotel and lovely time in Talsi!


With kind regards,


Hotel Talsi staff

We hope that services listed below will help you to enjoy your stay at the Hotel Talsi.

However, if you have any requirements that are not listed, please do not hesitate to contact the receptionist via dialing 00 – we will do our best to help you!

For local calls please dial 9.. and your necessary phone number.

mobile phone.: 26322333


Breakfast & Restaurant

For Your information the breakfast is served from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. in our restaurant „TASTE”  which is downstairs. If you are planning to leave earlier in the morning and would like to have a breakfast, please let us to know so we can prepare it specially for you or we can prepare sandwiches for you to take away.

Our restaurant „TASTE” is working every day from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and is offering great variety with food and drinks. You are more than welcomed to book the table for a meal or even banquet if necessary.



Please always lock the door, blow off the candles and turn off all electronic devices when leaving the room. Make sure that all Your valuables are in safety. Do not leave any valuables in the hotel room when You are not there. You are welcomed to use a safe in the reception for Your valuables. The hotel will be not responsible for any lost property.        

Visiting time in the hotel is until 11 p.m. After this time Your visitors will be considered as guests and the charge for it will be added to Your bill. You are fully responsible for Your visitors. The charge for any damage or loss made by You or Your visitors will be added to Your bill.

After 11 p.m. please be quiet and respect other guest’s rights to peaceful rest.

The staff  has all rights to expel drunk and dangerous person from the hotel.

In case of hearing the fire alarm You must leave the room by using stairs and gathering in a hall on the first floor.

Smoking is not allowed in the hotel premises. Fine 150,- EUR



Check-in & Check-out

Checking-in starts from 2 p.m. Checking-out until 12 a.m. If You wish to check out later please inform our receptionist as we will let you know about possibilities to do so. If You are staying in the room longer than a half a day additional charge will be hold to Your bill.

Please make sure that You have left the key of Your room at the Reception desk upon departure as in the case of loosing the key additional charge 10 euros will be added to Your bill.

Also make sure that You have taken all Your valuables, belongings and other things (phone charger, mobile phone, watch etc.) with You.



We are providing house-keeping from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on working days.

If You wish that Your room is cleaned first please hang a note ‘Please make up room!’ on the door handle. If You need that room is cleaned immediately call to Reception and they will inform You when it will be done.

If You don’t need Your room to be cleaned or just need some privacy hang a note ‘Please do not disturb!’ on the door handle. If You won’t remove the note until 3 p.m. we will assume that cleaning on that day is not necessary.

The note You can find in a wardrobe.

Before leaving the room please make sure that You have hanged the right side of note on the door handle.

Bath towels are changed daily if they are left on the floor. Towels left on towel rails will be considered that you will use them again.



There is a Wi-Fi network available to all our guests. Hotel TALSI

Please let us know if You have any other technical issues.


Wake-up service

If You need to wake up in the morning on certain time but not sure that You can do that by Yourself or have left the alarm clock at home, don’t worry, our receptionist will be delighted to arrange the wake-up service for You. In this case please let us know in the evening about Your need!


Taxi, Car Rental & Concierge services

If You would like to go somewhere or You need a quick transfer, just ask receptionist to arrange a taxi or rent a car. You can book a taxi for exact time and date to be sure that You will be on time everywhere You need to.

If You want to visit the most beautiful places in Talsi and the area around, please don’t hesitate to ask for a help to a receptionist with planning and some advice. Every memeber of staff is a concierge, empowered to take care of any request. You can simply enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in a lobby while we will take care of the rest.


Laundry service

For your convenience, the hotel is to provide laundry service on working days.

Please note: these services are not offered on weekends and holidays. Price by agreement.